Erika’s recap: Week seven of Dancing with the Stars, ‘Halloween’



By Erika Hollis
The Carolinian

Dancers had to learn two dances on Halloween night – one individual dance and one team dance. They have not had two dances in a single week since Ballroom and Latin nights.

The troupe, professional dancers, and other dancers did the “Time Warp” dance from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, and added in ballroom and partnering. The professionals and celebrities did a little dancing after being introduced on stage.



Val and Victoria: Victoria was scared of being in jeopardy last week. Val is starting to get tougher on her because it has been a few seasons since he had a partner that did not have a dance background in some kind of form. They perform as a dead couple who comes out of their graves to dance together. It was a really great dance.

Lindsay and Jordan: They were “Little Red Riding Hood” and the werewolf. Lindsay could not believe that the person responsible for teaching her ballroom dancing (Mark), kept exchanging the top spot with their scores each week. Jordan is the leader of his werewolf pack. The song, “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’” came to mind. I loved the dance.

Artem and Nikki: Nikki says in rehearsal that Artem is “so sweet” and she has been trying to get him a girlfriend. She really loves practicing the dances and he does not stress her out in any way. She was a witch and he was a coffee customer. Her song was “I Put a Spell on You”. I agreed with the judges, Nikki started strong, but then when she messed up she could not get going again.

Maks and Vanessa: Maks was a zombie and Vanessa was a human. Her husband, Nick, is now staying home with the children after being eliminated. I loved how Maks danced with his head down the entire time. Vanessa did really great dancing with the troupe.

Cheryl and T.O.: T.O. got his highest score last week and was so happy about it. Cheryl does not like being complemented. She was playing a realistic vampire while he was dressed up as a trick-or-treater, geeky vampire. He was leading very well.

Mark and Lindsey: They dressed as bank robbing, Day of the Dead skeletons. Lindsey’s rib injury from last week has gotten worse and now it is down her whole left side. Mark got mad for her not taking a break when he told her to, because of her injury. She danced to her own song. You could not tell she was in pain during her dance.

Witney and Frankie: Frankie is suggesting things to her and contributing to the dance this week. I love that his shyness is going away. He played a bad guy and she played a “normal” girl. It was amazing, the way they were connected.

Emma and Drew: They were at the bottom of leaderboard by the end of last week’s dance. Drew wants to stay in the competition. It was a very great dance and it was hard to do with the changes of speed of the music. They did have a fall, but the judges, and even I, thought it was a part of the routine.

Team “Monster Mash”: The team was made up of T.O., Jordan, Lindsey, and Nikki, along with their professional dancing partners. It was a great story for the dance. The four celebrities were going to a school dance in the 1950s and got lost in a corn maze. They danced in the maze with the “monsters” (professional partners). I loved how they made you feel you were in the corn maze with the celebrities. They finally got out of there and went away. I thought it was genius that they incorporated the moving of the maze, like the audience was lost, too. The judges did not like it at all.

Team “Phantom of the Ballroom”: Victoria, Frankie, Drew, and Vanessa with their professional partners comprised this team. Some words that I would use to describe it would be “boring,” “no creativity,” and “predictable.” When you know how they are going to dance by the song’s name, something is not right, especially when this dance got perfect scores.


Since it was Halloween night, the producers of the show decided to play a trick on the bottom four couples that even the hosts did not see coming. Two couples went home instead of one couple. Maks and Vanessa (which I predicted) and Artem and Nikki were eliminated.

Next week, the couples will have two dances again. One dance, with their professional partners, and for the trio dance next week, they will bring back winners and runner-ups from past seasons. It will be interesting, to say the least.