Erika’s recap: Week eight of Dancing with the Stars, “Trio Night”



By Erika Hollis
The Carolinian

I loved the music and how they used the troupe and eliminated professionals in the dance. They had returning celebrities dancing, too. After they introduced the couples, the returning celebrities were introduced front and center with their couple. I thought it was very well put together.



Cheryl and T.O.: The couple was at the bottom in the previous episode, but they did not think that they belonged there. T.O. said, “It is not how you start, it is how you finish.”
Charleston: The setting was a 1920s club. He was dancing very slow and almost offbeat.
Trio: Kelly Monaco was their trio partner. Kelly won the very first season of DWTS. I remember; I was still in high school then. Cheryl and Kelly are best friends. Kelly agreed that if T.O. got all 10s, then she would go on a date with him since they are both single. Well, Kelly did not say the 10s had to come from the judges, and the troupe in the sky box held up three 10 paddles. That was funny.    

Emma and Drew: After their dances on Halloween night, they went from the bottom to second place.
Waltz: The idea behind this number was going from thinking you know everything, to knowing nothing, and the hope that you have during the process. Drew said the dance was for his “amazing” fiancée, Linda. Emma wanted him to show emotion in their dance. I loved it.
Trio: Rashad Jennings DWTS 24 winner came back to dance. The trio had the Cha-Cha and Rashad was Drew’s “swag” coach. I thought that there were too many disco balls and lights going on in the dance. They did a James Brown song.   

Val and Victoria: Val is so sweet. He apologized to Victoria for being hard on her this season.
Argentine Tango: Val told Victoria that she had to “be sexy” for their dance. Victoria had rib spasms during dress rehearsal and Val said that if she breaks character even for just a minute, then she is going to look comedic and not sexy. I thought it was a really great dance.
Trio: Laurie Hernandez came back to dance with Val and Victoria, and she is her same, silly self. They had the Jive, which is fast-paced dance. Laurie was teaching Victoria how to do the dance while Val was being interviewed.

Mark and Lindsey: Lindsey was in a lot of pain last week from a rib injury.
Samba: Lindsey is a fighter, and she will not let her spirit be broken. It was a great dance and I’m glad that Mark did not use the light up hula-hoop prop through the whole dance.
Trio: Kristi Yamaguchi came back to dance with Mark and Lindsey. Kristi was worried about trying to keep up with the dance. They made fun of Mark’s “idea face” that he does when he gets an idea, something he’s been doing since the first episode.    

Witney and Frankie: Frankie was so happy from last week and he thought that he needed to be better. The pressure has been getting to him, about wanting to win the Mirrorball Trophy.
Viennese Waltz: I loved Frankie’s acting throughout the song and I felt that he was very great at leading.
Trio: Alfonso Ribeiro was paired with the couple. He is in the audience almost every week. Alfonso and Frankie are both child stars, process information the same way, and knew each other before this. Their timing in this dance was great.

Lindsay and Jordan: Len expects more from Jordan because he cares. Jordan wants to get Lindsay her first Mirrorball Trophy and has been giving everything he has at every practice for her.
Quickstep: I thought it was really cool how Jordan was playing as a character to the camera and how he and Lindsay made it look so easy for someone to do a quickstep.
Trio: The duo did the Salsa with Corbin Bleu. Jordan and Corbin had known each other for six years, but had never worked together before Trio Night. Both of Corbin and Jordan have been Disney Channel stars in Disney Original Movies (“High School Musical” series and “Teen Beach Movie 1 and 2”), have both stared in a musical that Lin-Manuel Miranda has written (“In the Heights” and “Hamilton”), and have followed each other’s careers. I thought that they did well dancing together with Lindsay.
ELIMINATED: Cheryl and T.O.