Print Sale features art printed with passion

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By Megan Robinson
The Carolinian

Visual Arts students work tirelessly to sell their artworks for one day.

The prints display students’ passions and personal interests, technical abilities and dedication to printmaking. There is a wide range of print types, including color graph, lithography, and monotype, and each requires a different process.

“It’s a lot of work, but as long as you’re dedicated to it, it’s really fun,” graphic design student, Robin Wright said.

The students behind the tables that don’t have work featured in the print sale spend their time preparing for next semester’s sale.

“I’m preparing by actually making prints, getting more prints out there, and doing my packaging, and just advertising for next semester,” another graphic design student, Brianna Greer said.

Apart from raising funds for the graphic design department, the art department, and the Harley Gallery Scholarship, the Print Sale prepares students for a career in the industry.

“I think it helps a lot with design and color,” Wright said. “As a graphic designer, you need to know how to package things, and I think that also helps with it, too.”

Items sold for as little as one dollar and up to $20, but the professional quality was the same for each product.

Prints ranged from wall art to canvas bags and T-shirts, and each reflected the ambition of the artist.



Photos by Megan Robinson