Vocal Ensemble delivers sweet treat

By Mary Norris
The Carolinian

The Upstate Vocal Ensemble put on an interactive concert, “Sweet Music”.

The performance (Nov. 17) was dessert-themed, and featured Christmas and pop songs along the way in the CLC Ballroom.

The audience was serenaded by songs “Black Coffee”, “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup”, and “The Worst Pies in London” from “Sweeney Todd” as they enjoyed dessert and coffee.

During “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup”, a waitress, played by Chelesea Boone, carried out cardboard cup on top of cardboard cup for the vocal ensemble to grab at, some cups spilling in the process. She walked, unaffected by the scramble, off the stage, and then began to scope the room for anyone needing more coffee in their cups.

The choir sang about a society fueled by fast coffee. The song was filled with jokes in between verses, like:
Kaleb: Brian, this coffee tastes like dirt, man.
Brian: Well, Kaleb, it was ground.

As the song wrapped up its shenanigans, a singer asked the waitress where the bathroom was. All choir members followed suit hurriedly.

The concert featured solo performances from Sabelyn Thorpe and pianist Stan Wietrzychowski.

The ensemble, which previewed songs from “Sweet Music on Your Carolina” at the Spartanburg library earlier this semester, gave an energetic display of Christmas cheer and love for dessert.

The ensemble ended a lovely night performing “Time to Say Goodbye”, in a mix of Italian and French. With high, soaring sopranos and a multi-genre setlist, the performance had sweet music, indeed.