What Will Life Look Like for Millennials on a Warming Planet?


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Have you made plans for your future? Are they consistent with the kind of stable environment that has supported the aspirations of preceding generations over the last 10,000 plus years?  What if that were to change and you had to spend a great deal of your time dealing with serious weather or other damaging disruptions? How would it affect your plans and your life?

On Saturday, February 24th Voices of a Generation, a Millennial led livestreamed event from the Great Hall at The Cooper Union in New York City will feature presentations on Climate Change. Students from several universities will review the potential impacts of warming and its challenge to their generation, actions in-progress to mitigate them, and visions for new models that respond to the crisis, regenerate our environment, and put our world on the pathway to greater sustainability.

Sophie Kivlehan, Millennial granddaughter of climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, who has accompanied him on many notable panels, will be joined by a panel of student presenters and experts in current solution focused activities. They make the case clearly for action now, and highlight those that can be taken. In addition, graduate and masters students from the Earth Institute at Columbia University showcase technological, social, and ecological solutions to global warming featured in Paul Hawken’s new book Drawdown.

This is an opportunity to be well informed about an issue that will affect the lives of your generation. Those who watch the livestream can participate via a mobile polling app. Where consensus on key points is achieved, artists will translate these statements into images for posters and T-Shirts. The event will close with a focus on the need to shift to long-term thinking, a call for a new social compact that considers societal responsibility to successor generations, and an announcement of a Step-into-the-Future Social Media Competition. To sign-up for alerts, a link to the livestream, and information on the competition go to: www.MillennialsWorld.org