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Art faculty paint layers of meaning in exhibited works


By Megan Robinson The Carolinian Students visiting the C. R. Harley Art Gallery will find a collection of wholly unique, captivating, and thought-inducing pieces of art. The effort and skill of the artists… Continue reading

A psychedelic odyssey: Primus’s “The Desaturating Seven” at the Tabernacle


By Andrew Becker The Carolinian In a night of suspicious-smelling smoke, color-eating goblins, and mosh pits, Primus returned to a favorite southern haunt of mine, the Tabernacle in Atlanta for another leg of… Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Hell on Earth’ ponders humanity, technology


By Mary Norris The Carolinian “Hell on Earth” is the latest project from avant-garde trio, Sandro Miller, Eric Alexandrakis, and John Malkovich. It is a follow up to their critically acclaimed, multimedia project… Continue reading