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ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Hell on Earth’ ponders humanity, technology


By Mary Norris The Carolinian “Hell on Earth” is the latest project from avant-garde trio, Sandro Miller, Eric Alexandrakis, and John Malkovich. It is a follow up to their critically acclaimed, multimedia project… Continue reading

“It”: Stephen King’s Derridean nightmare reimagined yet again


By Andrew Becker The Carolinian What is ‘it’ (aside from the best horror story title since “the Thing”)? ‘It’ can change shape and transcends understanding, because the real ‘it’ is unknown. To some,… Continue reading

Upstate educators partner with community clergy for Reformation 500 series


By Erika Hollis The Carolinian Religious leaders have partnered with USC Upstate educators to present a series of lectures, discussions, and concerts in commemoration of the Reformation’s 500th anniversary. “Reformation 500” began Thursday.… Continue reading